New features

This page describes the new features introduced. For details, see the help.

DHCP options

You can configure DHCP IPv4 options and the boot server on the web admin console. This is in addition to the existing ability to configure it on the CLI.

When you configure Sophos Firewall as the DHCP server, you can also add DHCP and boot options to provide configuration parameters to DHCP clients. You can add custom and predefined DHCP options.


The version includes the following enhancements:

  • Anti-spam engine: Email protection now uses the Sophos Anti-Spam Interface (SASI) in place of the anti-spam engine for anti-spam scanning. SASI is already in use in Sophos Email. If you see false positives or false negatives, see how to submit a sample.
  • Kernel dump: The firewall generates kernel dump reporting when there’s a kernel crash, enabling improved root cause analysis and troubleshooting.